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  • How long does a typical Matterport scan take?
    It depends on square footage, but a house under 3500 sqft normally takes 2-3 hours.
  • Can my client be home during the Matterport scan?
    It is easiest if the home is empty during our scan to prevent household items from being moved while we are still working. We understand this is not always possible. The client can be home but we ask that they stay in a single room to prevent alignment issues. For commerical properties, we ideally prefer to have access to the proeprty a few hours before opening or after closing or on a day when the property is closed.
  • Why do you not have pricing on your website?
    Our pricing based on size of property and amount of video needed so it changes for each client. We would be happy to provide more information. Please contact us at or call/text 678-519-7351 so we can ask some additional questions and provide a quote.
  • How many still images can I expect with a Matterport 3D scan?
    For real estate properties, our Matterport scans will deliver a minimun of 40 images.
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